Sabtu, 07 April 2012


     Berikut tulisan yang berisi laporan study tou ke jakarta kemarin silanya pake bahasa inggris jadi harus berpikir dua kali untuk membacanya...yang ini cerita gue dan gue beri judul JOURNEY TOUR DE JAKARTA heheh mungkin cukup alay buat kalian...


            Last Wednesday exactly 21 marth 2012.I went to Jakarta is purpose study tour my scholl. I went with student class 8 in the SMP N 1 Purwareja Klampok. We arrive a couple picnic object among other thing TMII ( Taman Mini Indonesia Indah ), Monas GSA ( Gelanggang Samudra Ancol ), Dufan, and ITC
            First we went to PHI to stay the night although just 4 hours, there we wnt to prepare everything example bath! Yaa... many in there is not bath and why? and my answer I DONT NOW!. Bad, us not to make time for arrive TMII because way is jam
            Second we arrive Monas, t5here we visited many science about history of winning Indonesia war against colonialist and we listend voice Ir Soekarno ( first President in the Indonesia )  reding proklamasi manuscript and it is awesome. On the above Monas we see a God Paint is beautiful. Maybe just me is fell that and I succesfull to Take Picture although only one.
            Then we went to GSA or Gelanggang Samudra Ancol, on the way I look many the big building. On there we invied to see sea teater and my opinion that a story is amazing. Then we watch 4D movie or video < i dont now >, we resember follow the story and that is awe some       



Wednesday, March 21 th 2012, I was never forget this day. To day I would go study tour to jakarta. The practicipant is all student 8 grade years of SMPN 1 Purwareja Klampok. We gather in the school at 13.00 Pm. My class in the second bus with 8b.  We started at 13.00 Pm. In the middle way. We stoped to ate. Then we continowli the way again. We arrived in PHI at 02.00 Am. In the second day is time to played. First we went to monas or Monumen Nasional. There a guide explaint about some matter about monas. One ofthem is about heavy gold of the flash of the light ning rich 50 KG. The second we went to GSA, there are we see 4D and drama about snatch a way a sword in fron of a group po racy and a doctor with water a feat made we wet. After that we have lunch and continous to dufan. In dufan I only played bingo – bingo, lorong sesat and doll palace until 18.00 Pm. At 21.oo Pm we arrived in ITC Cempaka Emas bought something. Then we came bade to home. On the way we stoped to bought souvenir to family.   

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